Our Brand


Small scale production. Quality is everything to us. We make our products in small batches to ensure they are fresh and effective as possible. Our team fills, labels, and packages each product with love before checking every box by hand to ensure quality and consistency.

100% handmade. Each bar is hand-cut and unique; so imperfections and variations are expected.

Highest quality natural ingredients. Studio j uses natural and ethically sourced botanicals and essential oils free from harmful chemicals. No parabens, artificial colours or fragrances.

Activated charcoal. The star ingredient in all our soaps, we love its ability to bind and attract foreign substances to its surface, effectively cleansing your skin by unclogging pores as well as removing impurities and dead skin cells. Activated carbon’s great absorption property is also known for its use as a natural body deodorizer.

Environmentally friendly. We apply materials such as vegetable inks for printing boxes and recyclable paper for wrapping.

Animal friendly and cruelty free. We are strictly against animal testing and all our products have never tested on animals. We also only purchase our ingredients from suppliers who are cruelty free and test on willing humans.

Certification. All our products are registered and have been certified by Malaysian Health Ministry.

Cold process method. We chose to use this traditional handmade cold process method to produce our soap because it is better for the environment, healthier for the skin and can retain natural glycerine that is incredibly moisturising to your skin. It also helps to keep our soap bars long-lasting.