Our Inspiration

Nature. Studio j soap derived from our founder’s previous involvement in a sustainable carbon project. Palm oil production is one of the biggest industries in Malaysia. While it is an important source of livelihood, unsustainable practices may threaten human and planetary health. Thus, we decided to do our part by putting the palm kernel shells (residues) through a carbon neutral processknown as Biomass. Then, it is carbonized and further activated to produce top-quality, environmentally friendly activated carbon.

Simplicity. Our founder believes that less is all we need to allow an item to function purposefully. From the material sourced to the finishing touch, each detail involved in the conceptualisation should bind our senses with our actions.

Future. We are all living creatures of planet Earth and it is important that our future generation is able to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. When you make a choice, even the most trivial matter, we hope you choose a sustainable way to help lessen the burden that our environment is experiencing now. If not now, then when?

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