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Facewash Bar

Facewash Bar

For that extra luxurious touch

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Weight & Dimension:
Size: 85mm x 60mm x 25mm
Net weight: 130g

Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water, Patchouli Essential oil, Ylang Ylang Essential oil, Activated Carbon

Tested and trialled by our customers, this Facewash Bar has received several positive feedback, especially from those who have blemish-prone skin. This gentle soap is suitable for everyday use to balance as well as deeply cleanse and detox skin from impurities. It is also enriched with powerful astringent essential oils that will promote a smooth and glowing complexion. This soap is great for men and women of all ages with all skin types.

Patchouli: Known for its variety of skin benefits, this oil can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce any redness and irritations on the face. With its strong, sweet, spicy and musky aroma, it can improve the appearance of dull skin as well as uplift the mood of the user.

Ylang Ylang: Derived from the delicate star-shaped flowers of a tropical tree, the potent anti-bacterial properties found in this flower make it an effective skin cleanser. Acting as a healing powerhouse, it can boost the regenerative process of the epidermis and regulate your sebum production. Thanks to its nourishing properties, Ylang Ylang can also help prevent skin pigmentation

Care Instruction:
Take your time and lather up the Facewash Bar soap onto your hands or mesh bag to create a foam. Gently smooth the rich foam over your face in circular motion. We like to start with our nose and slowly move towards the forehead, cheeks and chin, before going down to the neck. Rinse thoroughly. 

It is important to always keep the Facewash Bar away from water when you’re not using it. You can store your bars on soap dishes, a rack, or in mesh bags. We like to let keep it standing up right, so it dries thoroughly. Letting the soap dry out between uses helps them last much longer.

Like all soap products, keep out of eyes.

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